Herndon High School - 40th Class Reunion Herndon High School - 40th Class Reunion


October 18th, 2019
(ending October 20th, 2019)

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1978, 1979, 1980

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Still in the planning stages, but this is the Tentative Reunion info and Date selected and Homecoming weekend. Please the dates of October 18th and 19th, 2019 for the Reunion and DON'T make plans for anything else, no matter what!!!

Herndon High School - 40th Class Reunion
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Susan Simmons '79 said:

I must admit I’m a bit conflicted. I was in HHS territory for about 18 months eight years ago, and all my classmates I could find looked like their parents. Talk about a buzzkill...
I prefer to remember who I remember as their younger selves. I’m not afraid of death, it’s getting there that I’m finding incredibly distasteful. And I have autism “lite”, or Aspergers, and that undiagnosed issue sure caused a lot of problems. I learned I have prognosia, which means I truly suck at facial recognition. Names? I need to use mnemonic devices to remember names, because they’re always new, and my brain isn’t. Lol. Y’all have fun. Do NOT send postcards!

Posted September 22nd, 2019


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PS: longest four years of my life, and you want me to revisit that after you’ve multiplied those four years by a factor of ten, and yeah, no thanks.
Yeah, who knows what it will be like but I'm game - It's only one weekend so how bad can it be. From a fellow introvert, please find me and my wife and say hi!
Last reply posted October 17th, 2019

Patrick Kessler '79 said:

Invitations are going out now for our upcoming 40th Reunion, please register at www.herndon78-80.classquest.com for details on both the Friday and Saturday events planned. Huge surprises and loads of fun!! You can email me for details at wiremanpatrick@aim.com as well, so see you there. PMK

Patrick Kessler '79 said:

Update: We are set for the Sheraton Reston on October 19, 2019. You were very helpful in sending out notifications to loads of classmates, so I am hoping you can keep the effort going. Everyone can now start registering and purchasing tickets at our Reunion web page http://www.herndon78-80.classquest.com/ Everyone can also upload Bios, photos and see who's coming. We will make a slide show presentation, because I have a big screen being brought in to the ballroom for us. Please SPREAD THE WORD and pass this website around. Now let's all start planning the Friday night event and we will catch up soon.

Patrick Kessler '79 said:

Anyone can contact me here or wiremanpatrick@aim.com for a Reunion Update, plus there will be a Specific Reunion website soon by the Reunion Company helping me. Thanks, PMK

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