H.d. Jacobs High School Class Reunion Is Happening, Join the 10 Year Reunion Now!

10 Year Reunion 10 Year Reunion


November 27th, 2010


Turnberry Country Club 9600 Turnberry Trail Lakewood, IL 60014

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In the tradition of Dewey defeating Truman and Brett Favre�s 47 comebacks, rumors of our 10 year reunion�s demise have been greatly exaggerated. As such, I am pleased to inform you that from 6-10 pm on Saturday, November 27th, Turnberry Country Club near Crystal Lake will offer us a venue to reminisce, discuss pressing geopolitical issues, and enjoy moderate refreshments like responsible almost 30 year-olds. Which brings me to the open bar and party bus. We have a premium bar package included (Kettle One, Jack, Johnnie Walker, etc.) as well as appetizers, pasta and salads. We will be selling wristbands for this for $50. If you prefer not to drink, you can buy a general wristband for $30, which pays for your attendance and food. Unfortunately, if you are drinking at all you need the $50 package as they cannot sell individual beverages. Considering they are $8/pop anyway, the wristband is the better deal. Gratuity is included in the price. The party bus is a separate event beginning at 10pm and going until the last bar in the area closes. Costs will be charged separately as soon as details are finalized. More to come on that. We�re looking into activities as well, so even if party buses are not your thing, there should be something fun for everyone. The event will go on regardless of attendance. I am expecting a very good crowd, however. I know about 50 people myself who are going, only about 3 of whom prepaid for the previous event. We had some link issues with Boulder Ridge that may have contributed to the RSVP issue and, procrastination being what it is, the vast majority of people were planning on paying at the door. There is no prepay required for this, though I may set up a link for people who prefer to pay by credit card. However, feel free to show up on the 27th and pay cash (door payments must be cash, no credit cards or checks). I will also be sending out an event invite. Please respond whether you plan on going or not. Its going to be great time regardless of who can make it, but the more accurate my number estimate, the better prepared we can be for food and the party bus. If we�re short, you�ll know why. I know everyone is not on Facebook, so if there are other places these messages are being posted, please send the word out. Others have already volunteered to help with the set-up and remaining details, so as more information becomes available, I will send it out. For now, please just pencil this into your calendar because it�s going to be an awesome time! The address is listed below. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

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Tom Werle '00

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