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Fort Bragg High School Class Of '73 Reunion


August 17th, 2013


201 E Fir Street, Episcapol Hall, Fort Bragg

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Mark your calendars and start planning to attend! The ball is rolling, please pass this on to all our classmates. Our 40 year class reunion will be Saturday August the 17th at the Episcopal Hall. Tri Tip and Roast Pig from 5 pm to 11 pm. Bring a dish to share and whatever you would like to drink. There will be no cost for this reunion! Then on Sunday the 18th at 1PM Little Valley Picnic: address, 24042 Guthrie Road, Pot luck and left overs; bring whatever you would like to barbecue. Nancy will have a BBQ fired up and ready! Please RSVP as soon as possible, but not later than August 15th so we can be prepared. If you know the whereabouts of Lucinda Andreani, Doyle Barnett, Laurie Aumack, Dennis Barros, Darlene Bowman, Glenn Bradley, John Brown, Tina Brown, Mark Buchanan, Marianne Burke, Bill Burke, Dennis Chambers, Wilbur Chambers, Jackie Clouse, David Coverston, Robert Devine, Mary Dockham, Linda Dow, Michael Duke, Doug Erickson, Kenny Fernandez, Katherine Filmer, David Fitzgerald, Bill Forkner, Matt Gevas, Gwendolyn Gibbs, Debra Hals, Steve Hanley, Rick Hargreaves, Kathy Harris, Neil Harrison, Joseph Hayford, Denise Henderson, Charisse Hightower, Richard Hillie, Darrell Hinklin, Michele Hinkson, Diane Holmes, Larry Holmes, Beth Ann Howk, Priscilla Johansen, Greg Johnson, Rick Kerwood, Susie Koski, Sue Layton, Stanley Lodarski, Vickie Maberry, Jonnie Mack, Vickie Marler, Maria Mello, Valerie Messex, Nancy Miller, Michael Morgan (John Clayton Michaels), Deborah Nolte, Deborah Okerstrom, Steven Peeler, Keith Peirce, Jon Peloza, Michael Peterson, Edward Pond, David Potter, Vickie Rancier, Michelle (Shelley) Roberts, Steve Rogers, Denise Salvador, Steven Schneider, John Shannon, Brian Smith, Beth Southers, Candace Spini, Richard Sterling, Nelson Symes, Linda Takela, Nora Tallman, Valerie Taylor, Jon Tidwell, Boyd Upton, Robert Valli, David Van Dyke, Bill Van Wormer, Carmen Welch, Mark West, Linda Williamson, or Robert Windlinx, please email or as soon as possible - we want everyone to be aware and have a chance to attend!

Fort Bragg High School Class of '73 Reunion
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Bonnie Ybarra '73

Bonnie Ybarra '73

Reunion Coordinator

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Bonnie Ybarra '73 said:

Please visit Reunion Details on this site or Facebook, Fort Bragg Class of 73 Reunion for more details or to RSVP!

Cherryl West '73 said:

Hey everyone! We would like to get a count on who and how many people will be attending the reunion. Please RSVP on the site and let us know!

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