Class of 1970, 50-Year Reunion Class of 1970


October 23rd, 2020
(ending October 25th, 2020)


Elks Lodge
150 N Kellogg Ave , Goleta , California , 93111

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Our main event will be a Buffet dinner including appetizers, DJ and dancing on Saturday night October 24, 2020 at the Elks Lodge, 150 N Kellogg Ave., Goleta, CA. The price per person will be about $80. The UnCommittee is requesting your RSVP and input on the following potential additional events you would like the opportunity to attend.
____ Cocktail Party _______ Potluck Family Picnic
____ Wine Tour _______ Golf Tournament
____ Bowling Tourney __________________________Other Ideas?
Based on your feedback, we’ll select the more popular additional events and then provide the scheduling, details and costs regarding the selected events.

Class of 1970, 50-Year Reunion
Reunion Committee


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John Voehl '70 posted a photo:

Dos Pueblos Class of 1970 49-Year Reunion on Oct. 26, 2019 at Moby Dick’s Restaurant.
All persons are from our 1970 class, except as noted. Left to Right.
Front row seated in chairs: Sharon Carson Vizino, Debi Pintur Hurnblad, Charlene Williford Doty, Bev Berry, Collen O’Shaughnessy Reece, and Coach Gordon McClenathen.
2nd Row Standing: Manny Jimenez, Anita Swerzo, Mary Slater, Anne Pena, Valerie Smith Tucker, Beatrice De La Cerda, Carmen Contreras Castrejon, Christine Harris Copass, Debbie Bachino Tuck, Patti Brooks Dalen, Chris Boyer McClurg, Char Lockerbie Harris, and Jeff Hurnblad.
3rd Row Standing: Steve Cross, Monica Buvick Little, Ron Evans, Brian Steven, Rob Evans, John Voehl, and Ken Doty.
Last Row Standing on chairs: Tom Lehman, Len Everson, Paul Deering, Robert Copass, Tom Lammer, and Steve Schalla.

Classmates Not Pictured: Roland Yarnell (70), Maureen Waugh (72) Evans, Pamela Kaufman (71) Voehl, Brent McClurg (71), Dan Dalen (68), Alex McDavid (73), and our photographers: Suzy Uliasz (74) and Paul Wolthausen (73).
Non DPHS Spouses Not Pictured: Alice Jimenez, Alan Tuck, Sheryl Lehman, Meg Schalla, Annalisa Deering, and Laurie Yarnell.
Faculty Not Pictured: Coach Bill Trimble.

Posted January 5th, 2020




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Laurie Desrosiers '70 said:

BEfore I commit to coming, I'll have to look into flight costs/car rental as opposed to driving myself down cost ... and hotel accomodations.
Also the 'main event' is $80 - what other incidentals will there be? (outside of transportation)

any recommendations?
Laurie (Desrosiers) Ogden

Posted January 2nd, 2020


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Laurie, I want to make sure that I'm giving a helpful response. Please let me know if I'm on the right track, or where more info is needed.
1. At the $80 Elks event, the only incidentals would be optional: drinks from the bar, buying 50/50 tickets, etc.
2. We will have additional events that weekend, we're soliciting feedback on the survey to determine the events, schedule and any costs for those events.
3. Besides the transportation and hotel that you mentioned, you might have some meals along the way.
4. Were you looking for hotel recommendations?
Thanks, JV
Last reply posted January 4th, 2020