Class of 1973 Class Reunion Class of 1973 Class Reunion


October 6th, 2018 6:30pm - 11:00pm


Marlboro Country Club
200 Concord Road , Marlboro , Massachusetts , 01752

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Class of 1973
It’s hard to believe it’s been 45 years!
Come and reminisce with your classmates & guests
Saturday October 6, 2018 ~ 6:30 pm until 11:00 pm
Marlborough Country Club Buffet Dinner
200 Concord Rd. Cash Bar
Marlborough, MA 01752 $60.00 per person
Please contact other classmates you may know with our reunion details!!
We still have many missing classmates in our database. For a list of missing names visit our Facebook page: CCHS CLASS OF 1973 We would like to complete and/or update our list.
QUESTIONS? Email or Call:
Ginnie (Signoretta) Whalen 978-369-3699 Andrew Snyder 978-369-9107
Please complete the information below and return in enclosed envelope by Aug. 15
————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Name________________________________________________________________________________________
City____________________________________________ State______________ Zip Code______________
Email Address ________________________________________________________________________________
No. Attending _____________________ Total Enclosed ____________________________
_______ I cannot attend. Please find my contact info below:
Enclose Payment $60.00 per person Checks Payable to: Ginnie Whalen / Class of 73
Return with enclosed envelope to: Ginnie Whalen, 1037 Main St., Concord, MA 01742

Class of 1973 Class Reunion
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Virginia (ginnie) Signoretta '73 said:

Going over all the returns, If you know the whereabouts of the following classmates please let us know!
Joan Andersen Seneschal, Bill Augello, Debbie Colbert,Charles Cook,Philip Corbett,Dona Cozzens,Stephen Cutting,Diane Erwin Kelly, Mark Essman,Richard Fields,Peter Garibotto,Doug Hoagland,Terry Landis,Michael McGraw,Beth Newbold Winkler,Denise Paige,Jonathan Parrott, James Pierce,Loretta Schmidt,Maria Ruggerio,Bill Terrio,Jimmy Toland,Jeff Warren, Leslie Wilbur.

Yes it is Thank you. Did you get an invitation?
Last reply posted August 8th, 2018

Virginia (ginnie) Signoretta '73 said:

Hi All,
Here are 2 updated lists of those classmates we still cannot find.
We are working on this but would appreciate anyone to provide us an actual mailing address or email address so we can send them an invitation., We will be posting a copy of the invitation as well, So, feel free to give us
a hand. We have have a class email address . I have posted but will Also as a repeat. Please send your current mailing address if you haven't already done so to the class email address.

Robert Armstrong Nancy Aitken
Karen Badolato
Silvana Ballon (exchange student from Peru)
Nancy Berry
Charlene Bowse Pettigrew
Margaret Cho
Jennifer (Jill) Cochran
Holly Coleman
Michelle Craig
Gayle Cronin
Janet Crosby
Marie Cushman
Sarah Daniel
Elizabeth (Beth) Daniell
Sharon Davis
Joan Elliot
Cynthia Fackler
Loretta Flynn
Karen Garnett
Ann Gilbert
Diane Hart
Therese Hayes
Cynthia Hazen
Paula Henry
Debbie Hergenrother
Nancy Herriot
Sandra Hersey
Vera Horton
Karen Johnson
Lynette Jones
Katherine “Casey” Kerr
Cindy Kierstead
Nancy Kimplen
Catherine Lamplough
Jean Macone
Linda McRaney
Harriet “Holly” Myers
Susan Newman
Mary Ann O'Donnell (Murry in graduation list)
Carolyn Pearson
Catherine Porter Kerr
Paige Prestridge
Vickee Price
Leslie Salter
Carol Schmidt
Patricia Schofield
Linda Scott
Jen Seabury
Tracy Senour
Terri Spence
Betsy Strong
Diane Taylor
Judith Trainor
Laurel Walker

John Berlin
Doug Bigford
James Brown
Paul Callahan
John Carnes
Richard Damon
Jeff Devik
Paul Donaghue
Richard Ford
Michael Granfors
Howard Richard Hensleigh
Art Hook
David Harrison
Kimmel King
James Knight
*Samson Howard (aka John McFarland)
Mark Manson
Roy McClellan
*James Macfarland
Andrew McCloud
Joe McDermott
John Macomber
James McDonough
Malcolm McNutt
Stewart Merrill
Richard Mills
Mike Mitchell
William Wadsworth Neill
Donald Nelson
Peter Olsen
Roger Pearse
Richard (Danny) Pickel
Roger Powell
Michael Schmidt
James Solomon
Phillip Stanley
John Wahl
Steven Warren
Carl Wilson
Martin Wright
Malcolm Young
Donald Zimmer

We are hope to have these by Saturday June 16 Thanks all !

Virginia (ginnie) Signoretta '73 said:

We are sending out invitations this week end ! Please forward your mailing address and email ASAP. Hope we will be seeing you there!

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