Class of 1972 Reunion- Clovis HS NM Class of 1972 Reunion- Clovis HS NM




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We are still in the process of planning our 50th Reunion. We have had one meeting about the reunion, but have not made decisions about date, location, cost, and many things.
Contact information is Ronnie Hubby, PO Box 5904, Clovis NM. 88102.
You may have already been contacted about this in the past! I need information
Name(including) maiden, address, phone number, email address.
If you have suggestions about reunion please email! Nancy Jane Goodwin is also in charge!
I have received about 40 graduates so far.
We do not have any money left in our reunion account, so we need to think of things that we can do, perhaps at homes and things where we do not have to rent facilities or catering to keep cost down. Hope to see you in 2022 for our 50th......

Class of 1972 Reunion- Clovis HS NM
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