Canyon Comanches Reunion Celebrating 40 Years!

Canyon Comanches Reunion Celebrating 40 Years! Canyon Comanches Reunion Celebrating 40 Years!


September 28th, 2019 5:00pm
(ending September 30th, 2019)


The DoubleTree
201 E, MacArthur Blvd , Santa Ana , California , 92707

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Tickets $98.00
To register and purchase tickets:
Dinner, Drinks, Dancing, Pictures, Raffles, Contest, Cool Decorations, Tribute to our Fallen, Our Warriors The Cheerleaders, A look into the past, Introduce Hosts Mc's, special guest entertainment, gifts and more!

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Group Room Rate: 109.00
Free Shuttle Service to and from John Wayne Airport
Over night parking $8.00 Daytime (event only) $6.00

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Kimberly Myers '79 posted a photo:

Calling All Comanches! Please join us to celebrate 40 Years! with Alumni 78/79

This is it. This is the party to be at. Many of our classmates have passed away and for many this may be the last reunion they will attend. Remember this, you may think, there is no one there that will remember me or anyone I remember. But your wrong. There is someone who wants to see you. Don't let social media be the only way you communicate with friends Many of us have gotten too comfortable with "going out" with your computer. It's time to get out and have one big Comanche Pow Wow! We promise, you will be happy you came. We can't wait to see everyone again! HAIL COMANCHES! Go and register and purchase tickets at SEE YOU THERE!

Posted April 12th, 2019


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Great Job Kim, wish I was out there to help you. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Thanks
Thank you Greg!! Did I already ask you is you were a photographer? If I did pretty me apologize in advance.
And I wish you were too!
I am not a photographer, sorry. I can ask a friend of mine that used to live out there if she knows anybody that could do it. Are we looking for donated time for the cause...
No although that would be nice. One of our classmates asked if he could do photos are the reunion and I can't remember who it was. I can't believe that. I'll find out who he was sooner or later. Thanks for asking though.
Last reply posted April 17th, 2019

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