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Class of 1971 50th Reunion Class of 1971 50th Reunion





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Once I know how many are attending I can block the number of rooms off. I can always subtract. I just can't add as this hotel is booked constantly a huge waiting list. So if you want to join us and have a great time rsvp and we will send the details as soon as I know them. If not sorry that you will miss out on seeing each other for some of us probably one last time. Come on live a little be a kid again. Your never too old to do that.

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I have a call into Shades of Green to block of a set of rooms once I know how many want to attend? This is on Disney's Grounds and is the Military's hotel. It has all the convience's and transportation that you need to get back and forth to Disney. I would like to make this some what a unigue reunion

Class of 1971 50th Reunion
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Byron Stephen Ater '71 said:

That's what I am hoping for. If I don't get enough participants I will be canceling it. At the moment we have 6. I just put a thought out there. Being that we could all enjoy our 50th at a great place. Apparently it seems I am wrong. Shades of Green books up a year in advance. If everyone decides like one here one there. I will have to cancel this. I am retired Air Force so I can go any time I desire. I was trying to give everyone a break on cost.

Gene Odato '71 said:

I understand the reunion is May 29, 2021. is that correct?

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