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Arundel High School 1971 Ahs 50-year Class Reunion


October 7th, 2022 7:00pm

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Reunion news! Hello to the Arundel High Class of ‘71! Hop over to our Facebook page "Arundel High class of 71" to take our poll. As you know, we were not able to go through with our plans for our 50th reunion last year due to Covid.
However, we have been very graciously approached by the Class of ’72 50th Reunion committee to gauge our Class’s interest in combining forces for a joint Class of ‘72 and Class of 71 50th reunion event. This would be similar to our last event when we combined our reunion with the Class of ’70.
The Class of ‘72 has made significant progress in planning for their event. It’s tentatively scheduled for Friday October 7, 2022 at the Blackwall Barn and Lodge (the old Kauffman’s restaurant) in Gambrills.
Our planning committee can see several advantages to this combined event. It goes without saying, we as the Class of ’71, made good friends growing up with the folks of the Class of ‘72 and this would be an excellent opportunity to reconnect with many of them; some of whom we have not talked to for 50 plus years! The ’72 event planning has already begun and so our committee would be able to help with the details as well as take advantage of the momentum already created by the Class of ’72. And by having a much larger base of folks to draw from, meeting the minimum number of guests will be a much smaller challenge. Finally, with the event on a Friday, that could allow for an informal Class of ’71-only event for Thursday, October 6 or Saturday, October 8.
But, combining the events does come with some drawbacks. First, the venue is not associated with a hotel so it’s not as convenient as our last event for out-of-town guests or for those who may require a designated driver. Next, the cost is $105 per person which is a bit higher than the $65 tickets we had for our last event.
The Class of ’72 planning committee would like an answer very soon if we will be joining them on Oct 7, so we need to hear from you, the Class of ’71 if you would like to attend the combined event. Since we are under a time constraint so as not to slow down the Class of ’72 planning efforts, I would ask that you let our committee know your thoughts by no later than next Thursday April 21.
Thank you so much in advance for your feedback.
Your Class of ’71 50th reunion planning committee (which gladly welcomes additional volunteers!).
Polly Brooks Lynn
Judy Townsley Felsenfeld
Tim Sylvester
Kathy Eckhout Joy

1971 AHS 50-year class reunion
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Polly Brooks '71 said:

We are not having the reunion this October. We are having it next June. Stay tuned for more details.

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