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Hello Class of 1982 - Looking for insight/feedback on what you like to see happen for our 40th. Let me know

Class of 1982 Class Reunion
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JC Castro '82

JC Castro '82

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Michael Njo '82 said:

Gina and Kimberly I hope you are both well!!! Great to see you on here. I was curious as well if we are going to have a reunion. I just messaged Jc who was attached to the reunion message board.

Gina Tassone '82 said:

I'm wondering that, as well. There's nothing here that indicates that we are.

Kimberly Speier '82 said:

My Google search shows this: When: Saturday, November 12th, 2022
Event Title: Class of 1982 Class Reunion. Are we having a 40th reunion??

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