Aragon 50th reunion for 1969 graduates

Aragon 50th reunion for 1969 graduates Aragon High School 50th reunion for 1969 graduates


April 27th, 2019 5:30pm - 11:30pm


The Crowne Plaza Hotel
1177 Airport Blvd. , Burlingame , California , 94010

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Reunion dinner Early Bird (before 2/15/19) - $ 98.00
Reunion dinner Regular price (2/15/19-4/20/19) - $ 115.00

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Gala Dinner and Dancing:
WHEN : April 27, 2019
WHERE : Crowne Plaza, San Francisco Airport
1177 Airport Boulevard
Burlingame, CA 94010

Early Bird: $98 Per Person
(Before February 15, 2019)
$115 thereafter until April 20.
Buy tickets through Eventbrite:

 Pre-purchased tickets are Mandatory 
 There will be No ticket sales at the door 

Tour of Aragon Campus
Saturday 4/27/19, 10:00 a.m.
Meet at the Main Office, 900 Alameda de las Pulgas
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Class Picnic/BYO Lunch
Saturday 4/27/19 Noon- ?
Location: San Mateo Central Park

Cocktails / Dinner/Dance
Saturday 4/27/19
Crowne Plaza Hotel
No host cocktails 5:30-7:00
Dinner/Presentations 7:00-9:00
Dance and schmooze ‘til 11:30 pm
Dressy Casual

Sunday 4/28/19
Crowne Plaza Hotel
9:00-11:00 A.M.
$25.00/$18.00 for hotel guests

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Recommended Hotels

The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Burlingame. (discounts for '69 grads! Enter group code 'AHS' when making a reservation)

Aragon 50th reunion for 1969 graduates
Reunion Committee

Jan Hubbard '69

Jan Hubbard '69

Committee Member

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Recent Comments

Laurie Brown '69 said:

Dear Aragon Alumni, We have already sold out the maximum number of tickets we can on the Eventbrite system. However, we want to make sure to accommodate all alumni still interested in attending. Thus, if anyone wants to come but cannot buy a ticket thru Eventbrite, please send us a check for $123.64 (ticket price plus processing fee) made out to “Aragon Alumni” to:
Tim McCarthy

Aragon Alumni Event

[Address available through message only. Please request Tim's address by messaging Tim, Laurie, or Helane]

Be sure to include your return address and your email address in your correspondence !!

Once your check clears, we will add you to the attendee spreadsheet and send you via email a confirmation ticket to bring to the event.

We can only accept checks and the envelope needs to be postmarked by April 13th or it will be returned to sender.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept anyone coming to the event that does not already have a ticket.

If you have any questions, please also feel free to email: [Tim's email is available only through messenger. Please request Tim's email by messaging Tim, Laurie, or Helane]

We apologize for any inconvenience,

The Aragon Reunion Committee

Posted March 15th, 2019


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Please make sure to tell us your meal selection: fish, chicken or veggie. And if you are bringing a guest, please tell us their name and meal choice as well
Last reply posted March 16th, 2019

Laurie Brown '69 said:

Dear Aragon Graduates of 1969,

Tickets for our 50th reunion can only be sold through the 13th of April. No requests can be honored after that date and no one can be admitted into the reunion without a pre-purchased ticket.
We apologize for any inconvenience,

The Aragon Reunion Committee

Posted March 15th, 2019




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Laurie Brown '69 posted a photo:

Good Morning Aragon 69ers,

I want to take a moment to thank all those who sent me 3 musical selections to include in the playlist that's being created for the reunion. You have been both enthusiastic and helpful! And what a great opportunity to recall what wonderful music we had to listen to at that important time in our lives. Thank you.

And to those of you who have sent me photos of yourself and friends during your high school years, I can't tell you how much fun it is to see these, and they will make the slide show so much more relevant (and colorful) than a mere re-hashing of the year book photographs. I think you'll love them. I thank you.,

For those of you who have procrastinated this long, let this serve as a reminder that the window of opportunity for sending me your photos or your 3 musical submissions is closing quickly. You have a mere 6 days left to participate in the creation of the reunion atmosphere.

A rules reminder:
!. The photos must have been taken between 1965 and 1969 and they must be of Aragonians. If you have OTHER photos, please post them on facebook or We'd love to see them!
2. The songs must have been released between 1965 and 1969, One should be of emotional value to you, one should be representative of that era, and one should be great to dance to.

Having you participate in the creation of these pieces has made the process way more fun, and I've gotten material from you that I never would have had, nor thought of on my own. You've been great!


Posted March 9th, 2019




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Laurie Brown '69 said:

Hello Aragonians, In keeping with the goal of including you all in the preparations for this event, hoping to inspire interest and ownership, here is the next thing we hope that you will participate in. I am currently working on the playlist for the reunion. We are using music that was released between 1967 and 1969. I need your input. Please suggest, if you care to, three songs released during those years. The criterion that I'm focusing on are: 1. A song that you think embodies the zeitgeist, or defining spirit, of the time. 2. A song that brings up a personal emotional connection for you. 3. A song that's good to dance to. I will try my best to include at least one of your suggestions, if not all three. Please send me these suggestions by March 15. Send them to my email, on facebook or at It would be VERY helpful (not to say money saving) if you could send me the actual songs. I'm putting this list on Itunes. All you techno experts out there may help out by sending instructions on how to accomplish this feat. I thank you. Ready, set, go find songs...

Posted March 2nd, 2019


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I planned the 1968 Reunion last summer. The most useful way we used to let everyone know about the reunion was making up a Facebook page for the reunion. Ginney Rollet got it going. We are still reconnecting on it. Many people let us know where all their classmates were and passed the word to their friends. We put an article in the Highlands Lowdown and ended up with many classmates coming to the class reunion. Word of mouth was very powerful. Many people don't use Classmates. Com . The one thing I wish we had was a photographer who took photos and labelled who was in the photo. Many people took photos and shared them but those photos were not professional. A group photo is really helpful. I hope you have a great time. We had about 70 people. Most people came stag. Let me know if you have any questions. I did the whole reunion organizing by myself but many classmates came forward to help. The hardest part is notifying everyone.
Jeez, You did that by yourself? I'm pretty much spending 6 days a week, four hours a day on this And I have a committee! Thank goodness I'm retired. We are getting a photographer to take "prom-like" photos which will be given to the participants in a cardboard frame (much like prom photos). Fun, huh? He'll take group shots if there's time. But we have 173 coming so far, so he may run out of time. Our facebook page is called "aragon alumni" and it's open to all alumni, but the big event on there is our reunion. I'm hoping the class of 1970 will use that site as a starting place because they've already got dozens of people on there. You should take a look. Thank you for your help and advice!!! We are still looking for people.
Last reply posted March 9th, 2019

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The class of 1969 experienced history on a regular basis: The Summer of Love, the Tet Offensive, Nixon's rise to power, The Beatles' creative peak... very few spans of time can claim to have shaped American culture as much as the late 60's, and you & your Cory-Rawson classmates experienced it together. Now as you and your fellow Dons prepare to enjoy retirement it's the perfect time to reunite and share where life has brought you in the last five decades.