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I'm sorry to report that we have had to cancel our Class of 1960 gathering in Palmdale which was to take place on October 2-4. The reasons were two-fold: the number of attendees (already less than 30, was dropping as people changed their minds about attending); and the hotels and restaurants that were chosen for the patio gatherings changed their rules in ways that made the event untenable.

Perhaps a reunion can be held next year, if the pandemic has been defeated by then (as I believe it will be). If you are in the AVHS class of 1960, or nearby years, and have any interest in seeing your classmates, please stay in touch, especially if you change your email address or telephone number. Tracking down classmates on the internet is not an easy task.

Russell Mills
phone or text: 1-415-297-8717

Shirley Rake
phone or text: 760-835-8990

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Russell Mills '60 said:

I just posted an announcement of the Class of 1960 reunion we're having on Oct. 2-3. The description is sketchy but the details will be firmed up in the coming days. So far, about 35 AVHS classmates have made plans to attend. We anticipate about 50 classmates and their companions will be there. Members of other classes are also welcome to join us. If you would like to attend or think you likely will, please RSVP to the announcement. Or contact Shirley or me as follows.


Russell Mills 415-297-8717
Shirley Rake 760-835-8990

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