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Undetermined - Please send suggestions.

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We could start with a reservation at Ragal park. If someone still in Sebastopol would pick a date and make the reservation we’d be on our way to a reunion.

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Steve Wikoff '73 said:

Not looking good for a class of ‘73 50 year reunion.

Ragle Park Gazebo rental is $56 for a Saturday afternoon. All Saturdays in September are still open. What do you think of a meet and greet where you bring your own lunch/ice chest, etc to the park along with any memorabilia , stories, memories, etc. Very low scale, but fun. The gazebo area will hold up to 99 people. Think I should create a reunion post on this site and see what happens? The most I can lose is $56.00. Oh, there is a $7.00 fee per car parking fee, too.
It should at least get something started. Post the date particulars on this web site and maybe Facebook and see what happens. Maybe if enough interest is generated we might be able to get some catering going.
I talked to Renee Anderson and she’s going to help too. Gonna rent the gazebo at Ragle Park for September 16th. I will keep you apprised.
Just found out from Renee Anderson that Jody Bills is planning on having the 50th at her house. She is in the process of reaching out to people.
There is going to be a 50th reunion at Jody Hug’s September 10th. Contact Renee Anderson 707-695-8764 for details.
Last reply posted August 28th, 2023

Steve Wikoff '73 said:

Don, I just threw out Ragel park to get it started. If it were a reunion week besides a picnic at the park it could be dinners, outdoor events like golf, pickleball or deep sea fishing out of Bodega.

Don Cobb '73 said:

I live here in Sebastopol, Steve (about 1/2 mile from Belmont Terrace, in fact). :-) I can look into booking Ragle Park for our '73 Reunion. Or do we want an inside event, with a kitchen and A/C? I'm thinking Sebastopol Christian Church might be available, as well. I'll look into it. I can check with the Ragle Park folks, as well.

Don, Did you look into anything yet?
Last reply posted May 7th, 2023

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