Famly Potluck Picnic Famly Potluck Picnic




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Edenbook park? Was it really 50 years ago this summer? What would you like to do?

Famly Potluck Picnic
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Jennifer Glenn '71 said:

I'd be interested! Wow 50 years!

Karen Tudek '71 said:

Is this the same one that Tony Beida sent out? If not you might want to catch up with him. They have an entire website set up with e-mail addresses from the 40th reunion. They have information on classmates who passed away. You might want to try Leslie Gillis also. She is on FB

Terry Moore '71 said:

We were pinched between the bulk of the boomers and following generations.
What have we done with the last 50 years?

Anyone interested in getting together sometime this summer?

I haven't been to a reunion since 1991. So, tell me, would YOU like to do something?

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