Class of 1979 reunion Class of 1979 reunion


October 12th, 2019

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Brian Lambres '79 said:

Information on event will be forthcoming.

Tracy Laidlaw '79 said:

Can't find where it's going to be at could somebody let me know later where the Reunion for 1979 is going to be at

Tracy, we've got a couple of places in mind. If we want to have a private event at a venue on a Saturday night, it's big $$$$ and most require at least half up front so we need to make sure that there is enough interest in order to move forward. Unless you know of a rich classmate that wants to front the money? That would be ideal! haha
How about if we have it over at Rupert's again in Golden Valley? Or Medina Ballroom?
It's just a suggestion when you guys find out let me know
Those places charge $4000-$6000 minimum food and beverage for a Saturday night. Many other do, too. And they require 50% non-refundable just to secure!
We may have found an alternative and date would be October 12th. Will know more soon. We could use donations toward securing venues if you want to help with that?
*venue. And we also have to pay upfront to secure catering, event insurance and other things.
Last reply posted March 28th, 2019

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