Oct 18, 2009
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Hi Everyone! It's time for fall, football and fun. Remember those times? Well it's time to reconnect with classmates and we've made several changes to our site including new apparel, sports designs, and more!

Try this fun new feature! Upload a present-day photo of yourself to our "change-o-meter" and find out from your classmates how much you've changed since school. Click here to login and try it out.
Recent Profiles Updated
Leslie Rugg '96
david pryor '87
gail rudy '74
Linda McKiernan '78
beth mackel '78
Natascha Frueh '86
Heidi Knabe '03
Elizabeth Francis '86
Nancy Campbell '68
New Profile Photos
These are among some of the new photos which have been uploaded:

Paul Schmitz
Class of '80

John Ciufo
Class of '06

Emily Torres
Class of '09
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Latest Alumni Registrants
Leslie Rugg '96
Melissa Simpson '00
gail rudy '74
david pryor '87
Linda Allred '68
jerry e '83
Linda McKiernan '78
colleen fleming '79
beth mackel '78
Jeff Theveny '79
Natascha Frueh '86
Heidi Knabe '03
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Come check out the latest additions to our merchandise store, new sweat pants and women's shirts, along with many new sports designs to choose from.
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In Memory Of...
Michele Pogroszewski-Tucker '91
Alan Jay Whitaker '78
Walter Madrid '69
Cynthia Taylor Beerer '69
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Matthew Pickering to Amanda Barbier
Tyler Latham & Allisa Thomas
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Cailtyn Dianne Favero
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Recent Forum Topics
"Class of '78 - 35 Year Reunion" - posted by Dolores Williams, '78
"Homecoming Football Game 2008" - posted by Heidi Hintz, '83
"lets catch up" - posted by Lori Murray, '82
Reunion Information
"R#Eunion at Lake Tahoe" - class of '72
"20 year reunion" - class of '89
"Simi Valley 1980 Reunion" - class of '80
New Class/Reunion Photos
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Map Locator
Members that marked their location on our map recently:
Louise Williams '79
Cybil Noreika '93
Chris McClintock '90
Michael Jones '82
Gayle Haulbrook '69
Members that recently uploaded yearbooks to the site:
John Agee '75 (3 pages)
Peggy Schyvynck '68 (1 page)
Sandra McCaffrey '74 (1 page)
Jeremy frank '06 (1 page)
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Do you remember 1994?
- The Dallas Cowboys defeat the Buffalo Bills 30-13 in Super Bowl XXVII. It was the Bills fourth straight Super Bowl loss and the Cowboys fourth Super Bowl Championship.
- Tonya Harding is found guilty of conspiracy in the attack of figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.
- The Channel Tunnel connecting England and France is finished, allowed motorists to traverse the English Channel in 35 minutes.
- OJ Simpson flees from police in his white bronco after being charged with the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman.
- Major-league baseball players go on strike for eight months, canceling the post-season and the World Series.
- Tom Hanks wins Best Actor Oscar for his role in Forrest Gump.
Do you remember 1984?
- The Apple Macintosh is released and is the first commercially successful personal computer with a mouse and a graphic-user interface.
- Michael Jackson is at the peak of his popularity and wins 8 grammy awards.
- The Soviet Union boycotts the 1984 Summer Olympics being held in Los Angeles, Ca.
- President Reagan is re-elected as President of the United States with 59 percent of the vote.
- The Boston Celtics defeat the LA Lakers in the 1984 NBA Finals.
- The Cosby Show debuts on NBC and becomes the most famous TV sitcom of the 1980s.
Do you remember 1974?
- Under extreme political pressure due to the Watergate Scandal, US President Richard Nixon resigns and turns his office over to Gerald Ford.
- The UCLA Bruins record 88-game winning streak is ended when they lose to Notre Dame 71-70.
- Patricia Hearst, the granddaughter of William Randolph Heast, is abducted by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
- Becoming the first spacecraft to use a gravitational slingshot maneuver, Mariner 10 reaches Mercury.
- Stephen King publishes Carrie, the first novel under his real name.
- Muhammed Ali knocks out George Foreman to retain his heavyweight title, which was stripped from him seven years earlier.
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