Jun 14, 2009
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Hello again Alumni! The weather is heating up and people are starting to break out the sandals and shorts. That means reunion season is just around the corner, giving you a chance to reunite with old friends. Check the site today for information about your class reunion! If your class reunion is planned for this year, be sure to use our helpful reunion planning features on the site. Scroll down to read more and hopefully you have a great reunion this year!

Latest Alumni Registrants
Colleen Bartlett '80
christopher wages '79
Karla Montano '91
Priscilla Reyna '87
Mary Sheehan '84
Nino Esparza '84
Pearlie Tablang '08
Melinda Shaver '69
diana cavazos '73
Jill Vines '93
Sherri Stifle '80
Malik Dinwiddie '97
Five ways the alumni site can help with your reunion
1) Accessible - The alumni site offers one easily accessed location which all your classmates can return to, to find the latest news, and stay in touch with one another. Post your reunion information on our website to spread the news more quickly and efficiently.
2) Mass e-mailing - This is the ultimate way to update everyone on what's happening. Within a few clicks you can broadcast the news to all the classmates. This is essential when planning a reunion!
3) Custom surveys - Create a reunion survey with multiple questions and find out more about what you're classmates would prefer for their reunion. This is done effortlessly through the site.
4) Reunion Payments - This feature can be very useful. It allows your reunion committee to accept reunion attendance fees from your classmates directly on the site through a Paypal payment button. Contact us through the support page to find out more about how this works.
5) RSVPs - When planning a reunion, you need to know exactly who will be attending. This can be easily managed through the site, where classmates can indicate whether or not they are attending.
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New items requested by alumni
Come check out the latest additions to our merchandise store, shorts, beanies, hats, mugs, stadium seats and blankets.
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Recent Profiles Updated
Karla Montano '91
Priscilla Reyna '87
Nino Esparza '84
Pearlie Tablang '08
Bob Ramos '79
diana cavazos '73
Sherri Stifle '80
Malik Dinwiddie '97
Wesley Holloway '03
New Profile Photos
These are among some of the new photos which have been uploaded:

Priscilla Reyna
Class of '87

Nino Esparza
Class of '84

Wesley Holloway
Class of '03
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Johnny & Ran
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In Memory Of...
Ronald Tull '74
Arthur Torres '74
Danny perez '74
Nancy Morehle '74
Read more
Ricky Gothe & Aimee Canns
Jennifer Blaylock and David Carroll
Breanna (Bree) Collier ['01] and Sean Lucier ['02]
Erin Carlstrom and Todd Pelletier
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Eden Lien Dunn
Ronald T Venegas III
Gavin Peter McGowan
Madalyn Elizabeth Jacobs
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Recent Forum Topics
"Lost List" - posted by Janet Miller, '74
"class of 74" - posted by Janet Miller, '74
"WE are getting old" - posted by David Hanlon, '67
Reunion Information
"Golden 50th Class of '59 Reunion" - class of '59
"RHS Class of '89 twenty year reunion" - class of '89
"Class Reunion" - class of '79
Articles from Alumni
7 Essential Reunion Tips by Heather Wood
Schools out for Summer! by Scott Pratt
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New Class/Reunion Photos
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Map Locator
Members that marked their location on our map recently:
Corrine Soto '76
Bonnie Wallace '74
Vincent Alvarado '99
Sam Titera '79
Members that recently uploaded yearbooks to the site:
Donna Dooly '63 (1 page)
Peter Peter J Kiriakos III '84 (1 page)
Paul Haugen '74 (2 pages)
Steffy Sigar '07 (1 page)
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Do you remember 1999?
- The world's population reaches six billion.
- The top-grossing film of 1999 was Star Wars: Episode I, which pulled in an incredible 431 billion dollars domestically.
- Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France, and he would go on to win it six more times before retiring in 2005.
- SpongeBob SquarePants airs for the first time.
- Woodstock 99 is held in upstate New York and 200,000 people attended.
- The Y2K problem which is expected to cause a computer glitch disaster on January 1, 2000 grows in popularity.
Do you remember 1989?
- The Exxon Valdez runs aground, resulting in 240,000 gallons of oil being spilt into Prince William Sound in Alaska.
- Rain Main starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman wins the 1989 Oscar for best picture.
- The Calgary Flames win the NHL's Stanley Cup for the first and only time.
- The TV shows Seinfield and The Simpsons premiere.
- The Sega Genesis is released in America.
- George H.W. Bush becomes the 41st president of the United States.
Do you remember 1979?
- The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Dallas Cowboys 35-31 in Super Bowl XIII.
- The space probe, Voyager 1, observes Jupiter's rings for the first time.
- Michael Jackson releases Off the Wall, and it sells seven million copies in the United States.
- ESPN debuts.
- Star Trek: The Motion Picture premiers in movie theatres.
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