Nov 10, 2008
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Hello Alumni, fall is here again. This season always reminds us of football, cross-country and other sports, so take a moment to reflect and reconnect with those friends who share your memories. Read on to find out about some of the exciting changes that have been made to the site.
Latest Alumni Registrants
Will Weaver '89
Chuck Snyder '87
Joanne Ciminera '86
Sharon Whelan '01
Dan McDonald '77
Terri Peterson '98
Marie Leahy '83
Guy Boutilier '77
Steven Mason '78
Maria Alicea '85
rick smith '92
Wendy Iarossi '81
Create your own custom shirt!
An awesome new feature has been added for creating your very own custom school t-shirts and sweatshirts, or any other type of design you want. Family, pets, work, sports, get creative! Create a shirt and then order it through the site.
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What's new on the alumni site?
Custom Survey Builder - Create a customized survey containing multiple questions for your class (or all classes), and then watch the results pour in. This is a fun way of revisiting memories, and can also be VERY useful for reunion planning. Go to your class homepage to access this tool.
New Class Surveys - An interesting new survey has been posted for all classes, please complete it. Visit the new surveys area which is accessible through your class homepage to take this survey.
Custom T-shirts/Sweatshirts - Let those creative juices flow freely, and design a t-shirt with this awesome tool. After you've created the design, you and your classmates can order it through the site! Click here to try this out.
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Recent Profiles Updated
Will Weaver '89
Chuck Snyder '87
Sharon Whelan '01
Dan McDonald '77
Terri Peterson '98
Marie Leahy '83
Guy Boutilier '77
Steven Mason '78
Maria Alicea '85
New Profile Photos
These are among some of the new photos which have been uploaded:
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In Memory Of...
John Bristol '82
Roy T. Wells '85
Dante Barnabie '74
Karen Read '82
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Erica Wambach & Bobby Sauselein
Megan Wright & Brian Webb
Amy Brado & John Fallows
Mandy and Andrew
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Recent Forum Topics
"Cutting School" - posted by Eugene "Jeep" Carlino, '75
Reunion Information
"5 YEAR REUNION??? SHOULD WE DO IT OR WAIT UNTIL 10?" - class of '03
"MSHS Class of 1978 Reunion" - class of '78
"15th Informal Reunion" - class of '93
Map Locator
Members that marked their location on our map recently:
Bill Jack '90
David Fox '78
Mirjana Bijader '99
Anthony Barbaccio, Jr '90
Kenneth Stuart '82
Johnny & Ran
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