Apr 02, 2009
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Greetings Alumni! 2009 is well underway as summer draws near once again, and with it comes more class reunions! Visit your class homepage and reunion page to check if your class has an event in the pipeline. Remember, it is up to each class to plan their own reunion, so get talking and make sure your class doesn't miss out on a memorable reunion this summer. If you're planning a reunion, remember that you can use the alumni website to get it done more efficiently, with various tools such as online RSVPs and mass class e-mailing.
We've had a lot of requests from alumni to get our website members to share more photos on the site. If you have a moment, please login and upload photos to your profile. In addition you can add photos to our class reunion albums, or the yearbook section.
Read on for more details on various new features which you will find on the site, such as the 'Further Education' pages.
Latest Alumni Registrants
Richard Stopczynski '74
Debbie Allen '85
Thomas Zbozien '72
cathy paterson '77
dan howell '82
Denise Barney '72
Teri Tonkoshkur '72
Lorrie Meek '00
Jason Zurawski '95
Bradley Setter '07
Charles Anargyros '76
Suzanne Teno '64
New Mugs and Zipup Hoodies!
Due to many requests we are now able to offer themed mugs and awesome zipup hoodies! These are available in various designs and going cheap! We've also added more designs for our other products such as tshirts.
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Recent Profiles Updated
Richard Stopczynski '74
Debbie Allen '85
Thomas Zbozien '72
cathy paterson '77
Denise Barney '72
Teri Tonkoshkur '72
David Gerlach '82
Lorrie Meek '00
Jason Zurawski '95
New Profile Photos
These are among some of the new photos which have been uploaded:
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What's new on the alumni site?
Further Education - With the current economic crisis hitting our country, you might have put some thought into going back to school to get into a recession-proof career. Everything from nursing to accounting is covered in our in-depth look at planning out your next move in life. We've got all the information you need for finding higher education that fits your needs and online degrees that will adjust to your schedule. We've also got an article on the top recession-proof jobs that every concerned American should take a look at. Don't wait another day, get the education you need to be competitive in today's market. Click here to visit this informative area.
Reunion Payments - This feature might be very useful to you if you're planning a reunion this year. It allows you to accept reunion attendance fees from your classmates directly on the site through a Paypal payment button. You can contact us through the support page to find out more about how this works.
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Johnny & Ran
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In Memory Of...
Terrence Nash '05
Steve Pylar '97
Jan Nardin '78
Rick Love '76
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Anthony and Gwendolyn (Knowles) Bono
Nancy Mannino & Doug Kubik (Class of '77)
Darlena Burke & Joshua Wiegand
Ron & Alisa Martin
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Addison Marie Nigro
Dominic LaRosa Smith
braiden brummitt
Logan James Van de Vyver
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Recent Forum Topics
"CLASS OF 1972" - posted by Teri Tonkoshkur, '72
"Class or 89 - 20 year reunion!" - posted by Deborah Linville, '89
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Reunion Information
"CLASS OF 1972 BBQ" - class of '72
"EDHS CLASS OF 1989 --- 20 YEAR REUNION " - class of '89
"Class of 1974 ~ 35 Year Reunion" - class of '74
New Class/Reunion Photos
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Getting ready for your high school reunion!
There are a couple things that you should remember when getting ready to attend a high school reunion. The first is very important - relax - because everyone is probably getting just as stressed out as you wondering what it's going to be like reuniting with former classmates.
Keep in mind that everyone has the experiences of after-high-school life: some have gotten married, some have not, some have kids, others are running successful businesses and doing quite well for themselves. The main thing though, is not to judge yourself or worry about other people judging you. It should be about being yourself and enjoying the few hours you have to catch up with old friends.
So without further delay, here's a list of tips that should allow you to have a stress-free reunion...
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Members that marked their location on our map recently:
phillip waynick '80
Matthew Nichols '00
John McCullough '69
Mikel Pilkey '89
Michelle Brock '88
Members that recently uploaded yearbooks to the site:
Sandra Hook '74 (1 page)
mary baker '97 (1 page)
Ronald Martin, Jr. '83 (2 pages)
Ken Gazo '70 (2 pages)
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