Parkersburg High School Class Reunion Is Happening, Join the **Postponed** Class of 1975 - 45th Reunnion Now!

**Postponed** Class of 1975 - 45th Reunnion **Postponed** Class of 1975 - 45th Reunnion



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Our 45th reunion scheduled for July 17-18, 2020 is being postponed until next year.


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Belinda Ward '75 said:

The 45th reunion will be postponed to next year - 2021. There was a large consensus that many of our classmates would be unable to attend due to ongoing travel restrictions where they live. It is safer to wait and we will celebrate with version 45.1. A date will be announced later this year. Stay healthy and safe!

Belinda Ward '75 said:

Details and reservation information was mailed on 2/26 and emailed on 3/2. If you don't receive the mailing (or email) in the next couple of weeks, that means we do not have the correct contact information for you. Send updated mailing addresses/emails to the class email account -

Friday night will be @ JP Henrys. Saturday night will be at the Blennerhassett. A golf outing is planned for Saturday morning an a tour of the high school is also scheduled Saturday.

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