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Suggestion: If the Class of '65 cannot get enough people to commit to our next Class Reunion so a hall can be reserved then, Why not have the Reunion at a Classmate's house, i.e. a very large house w/pool, dance area and billiard room? The garage can be set up with catering servers, i.e. butterfly shrimp, tempura, sushi, meatballs, i.e. you name it; Definitely need a server for the Drink Bar. The ticket charge would be $25+ per person, i.e. the Host' discretion. There are mates who live 3000+ miles via MA. Think about it, whomever is in charge. We are not getting younger. We should have our Reunion every five years.
Open for Suggestions !!

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Dorothy 'PAT' Mackie '65 said:

Wow 65'. It seems we 'will' have enough people to attend our 55th Class Reunion and the very large 'Particular' house will not be large enough. I will send email to persons who have been in charge. It may be a bit too early for a direct response from them.
In the meantime, Everyone try to reach those who graduated in 1965 and get them to sign up 'free' with

Posted June 23rd, 2019




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