Class of 1968 Reunion September 14, 2018 Class of 1968 Reunion September 14, 2018


September 14th, 2018


Amherst NY

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Our 50th reunion will be held with a memorial service and casual dinner on Friday September 14, 2018. Save the date postcards have been mailed to all classmates for whom we have addresses on file. Please contact Kathy Pender Breuer at with your information or if your information has changed in the last 6 years! JOIN US on Facebook at Kenmore West Class of '68. In addition to the 2 main events, the committee is planning a menu of options of activities you can participate in from Wed-Sunday inclusive to make this a memorable weekend.

Class of 1968 Reunion September 14, 2018
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Kathy Pender '68 said:

Classmates: Everyone should have received their reunion packets by now. Please email me at if you did not! Reservations are coming in ...In addition to our main events we have a variety of activities for you to participate in over a 4 day period. If you have not been to Buffalo recently, you will be surprised!!!

Right now we need your help and input on two projects that are underway. Sherry Grossman at is soliciting information on students who have passed away: remembrances oyou had about them......sentimental, funny......this will be the basis of her memorial speech. If you need a list of the deceased ( was sent out about 2 weeks ago) contact Sherry

The other project is our recognition for classmates who served in the military. I need your help. If you know anyone who served , please let me know. I need their branch of the military, dates, job, and where served. KEEP IN MIND MANY CLASSMATES DO NOT USE ANY SOCIAL MEDIA. I MAY HAVE TO CALL THEM, SO PLEASE FORWARD THEIR NAMES TO ME....CANNOT ASSUME THEY ARE READING THIS! If you can get the info great, if not, I will try to contact them via phone or mail. We certainly want to be all inclusive as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please forward them to me or Martha Boutet. Have a good day.

Posted June 12th, 2018




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Kathy Pender '68 said:

Class of 1968: There have been some little changes to the class reunion plans as posted. ALL of you should have received your reunion packets by now. If you have not, contact me at 585 567 2341 or email me at immediately. Activities begin on Thursday Sept 13 through Sunday. The main event is Friday night for the dinner and Saturday am for the memorial service.

On Facebook and email we have sent a list of the deceased in hopes of soliciting some small memories of each to include in our service. For this we need help with your input on the 89 on the list.

Next week, I will be soliciting basic info and pictures for any classmates that served in the military. Again, I need input from all members to be as inclusive as possible.

I will also be posting little blurbs to get you interested in participating in many of the activities during our reunion time frame. Some of the tour places will reserve spots for us for those who register early so we can be grouped together. This means you will have to decide and reserve early.

Everything is pretty casual this reunion weekend. Don't worry about getting "dolled up" and needing all kinds of things.....this is for fun! We deserve it! We are always on the hunt for updated information. Do not assume we have it all. MANY THANKS

Kathy Pender Breuer

Posted June 7th, 2018




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