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Hello ALL! Seems many have mentioned that I organize the 50th...IF I get some help and ideas for where we can have a MEET & GREET (like a huge party of getting everyone together again, then I think I may. You help?

I would like ideas for a place--Central for all....where we can eat, drink and talk....one that we are not "loitering" in....lol. Also, I am hoping to choose a date (say SATURDAY) that most of you are in Tucson/Marana/Oro Valley, etc...are here for and not on vacations, or holiday trips, etc. I am hoping that this will be a large turn-out>fun, fun!

Let me know .... I have started at least a year prior due to rsvp's, booking a place, etc. I will start creating a list / log of names, cell/home numbers and hopefully current addresses for everyone (updates too) and ALL YOUR CONTACTS IN OUR CLASS will help me find everyone.

I want to invite everyone; however, if they chose not to attend just let me know--that's cool too.

If I have no feedback, responses or help....well, I suppose I will have to gather who I know and have a smaller party ...lol....I hope to talk and hope to hear back soon.

2022 50th CHS Reunion
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