Middle Schools in Maine:
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Auburn Middle School Falcons

Bath Destroyers Class Site

Biddeford Middle School Tigers Reunion Page

Bonny Eagle Scottsmen

Brewer Middle Sch. Witches Class Site

Brunswick Junior High School Huskies Reunion Page

Bucksport Middle School Bears

Calais Devils Class Site

Central Middle School Panthers Reunion Page

Cunningham Middle Sch. Wolves

Daniel Mahoney Class Site

Ella R Hodgkins Middle School Huskies Reunion Page


Falmouth Middle School Ships Class Site

Fred C Wescott Junior High Sch. Reunion Page

Freeport Pirates

Gardiner Regional Middle School Falcons Class Site

Garland Street Eagles Reunion Page

Gorham Middle School

Gray-new Gloucester Middle Sch. Class Site

Greely Junior High School Reunion Page

Hall-dale Bulldogs

James F Doughty School Bulldogs Class Site

King Middle School Knights Reunion Page

Lake Region Middle Sch. Titans

Lawrence Junior High School Class Site

Lewiston Blue Demons Reunion Page

Lincoln Middle School

Livermore Falls Lions Class Site

Lyman Moore Middle Sch. Falcons Reunion Page

M L Williams Junior High School Cougars

Maranacook Community Middle School Class Site

Marshwood Junior High School Hawks Reunion Page

Massabesic Junior High School Pintos

Memorial Middle Sch. Wildcats Class Site

Millinocket Trojans Reunion Page

Molly Ockett Middle School Raiders

Mount Ararat Eagles Class Site

Mount Blue Middle School Reunion Page

Mount Jefferson Junior High Sch. Bulldogs

Mount View Junior High School

Mountain Valley Reunion Page

Noble Middle School Noble Squires

Oxford Hills Vikings

Presque Isle Middle Sch. Rockets Reunion Page

Reeds Brook Middle School Reeds Brook Rebels

Richmond Bobcats

Rockland District Middle School Reunion Page

Saco Bobcats

Sanford Junior High Sch.

Scarborough Middle School Reunion Page

Shapleigh Sharks

Skowhegan Area Middle School

Telstar Regional Mini Rebels Reunion Page

Tripp Middle Sch. Tigers

Troy A Howard Middle School Lions

Wagner Clippers Reunion Page

Waterville Junior High School Pumas

Windham Middle School

Winslow Junior High Sch. Wildcats Reunion Page


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12/20/13 - "I'm not tech savvy like many people but this site makes it so easy to go through and get in touch with friends" Beth M., Class of 68
12/17/13 - "I love how this site has a section dedicated to our militants. I never knew so many people from my hometown were in active duty or veterans. Bless them all" Rachel P., Class of 93
12/17/13 - "I just recently noticed there was a lost class ring section here! I had lost my ring a couple years back and thought "Ah what the heck" I posted information about my lost ring and was surprised to get a response from a woman that had found it! Thank you guys so much for your services!" James S., Class of 82
12/11/13 - "I'm so happy I stumbled upon this site! This site has everything you need that is alumni related! You don't need to go to one site for apparel, one site for classmates, and another separate site for school news. It's all here!!!" Christina F., Class of 97
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