Middle Schools in Iowa:
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Agwsr Middle School

Ames Gators Class Site

Amos Hiatt Middle School Bobcats Reunion Page

Anson Wildcats

Atlantic Middle Sch. Trojans And Trojanns Class Site

B R Miller Junior High School Bobcats Reunion Page

Ballard Junior Senior High School Bombers

Berg Middle School Cardinals Class Site

Bettendorf Terriers Reunion Page

Blackhawk Junior High Sch. Braves

Brody Middle School Cardinals Class Site

Bunger Wolves Reunion Page

Callanan Middle School Cougars

Carlisle Class Site

Central City Middle Sch. Wildcats Reunion Page

Central Middle School Chargers

Central Saber Tigers Class Site

Central Middle School Chargers Reunion Page

Chariton Chargers

Charles City Junior High Sch. Comets Class Site

Clarinda Middle School Cardinals Reunion Page

Clarion-goldfield Cowboys

Clayton Ridge Middle School Eagles Class Site

Clear Lake Junior High School Lions Reunion Page

Colfax-mingo Middle Sch. Tiger Hawks

Columbus Wildcats Class Site

Corning Junior High School Raiders Reunion Page

Creston Middle School Panthers

Davis County Mustangs Class Site

Decorah Middle Sch. Vikings Reunion Page

Denison Middle School Monarchs

Denver Cyclones Class Site

Drexler Middle School Bobcats Reunion Page

East Spartans

Emmetsburg Middle Sch. Hawks Class Site

Evans Middle School Bulldogs Reunion Page

Fairfield Trojans

Forest City Middle School Indians Class Site

Fort Madison Terriers Reunion Page

Frank L Smart Intermediate Sch. Eagles

Franklin Middle School Thunderbolts Class Site

Glenwood Rams Reunion Page

Goodrell Middle School Pioneers

Greenfield Junior High School Wolverines Class Site

Grundy Center Middle Sch. Spartans Reunion Page

Guthrie Center Junior High School Tigers

Harding Eskimos Class Site

Harding Middle School Chargers Reunion Page

Harlan Community Cyclones

Herbert Hoover Middle Sch. Hornets Class Site

Highland Middle School Huskies Reunion Page

Holmes Junior High School Tigers

Hoover Eagles Class Site

Horace Mann Middle School Yellow Jackets Reunion Page

Howard Junior High Sch. Little Reds

Hoyt Hawks Class Site

Independence Middle School Mustangs Reunion Page

Indian Hills Junior High School Tigers

Indianola Junior High School Indians Class Site

Jack M Logan Middle Sch. Spartans Reunion Page

James Madison Spartans

Jefferson Junior High School Hillhawks Class Site

Jefferson-scranton Middle School Rams Reunion Page

John Adams Eagles

Jones Junior High Sch. Jaguars Class Site

Keokuk Middle School Warriors Reunion Page

Kirn Junior High School Eagles

Knoxville Panthers Class Site

Lamoni Middle School Demons Reunion Page

Lansing Middle Sch. Hawks

Le Mars Community Bulldogs Class Site

Lewis Central Middle School Titans Reunion Page

Lincoln Junior High School Plainsmen

Linn-mar Junior High School Lions Class Site

Lyons Middle Sch. Wildcats Reunion Page

M O C Floyd Valley Dutchmen

Maharishi Middle School Class Site

Maquoketa Cardinals Reunion Page

Marcus-meridan-cleghorn Middle School Comets

Mater Dei School Nativity Sch. Chargers Class Site

Mccombs Trojans Reunion Page

Mckinley Middle School Bears

Mediapolis Junior High School Bulldogs Class Site

Meredith Trojans Reunion Page

Merrill Middle Sch. Mustangs

Mid-prairie Middle School Golden Hawks Class Site

Midland Community Bobcats Reunion Page

Missouri Valley Middle School Indians

Monticello Panthers Class Site

Mount Vernon Middle Sch. Mustangs Reunion Page

Nathan Weeks Middle School Wildcats

Newell-fonda Mustangs Class Site

North Cedar Middle School Knights Reunion Page

North Fayette Hawks

North Kossuth Middle Sch. Cougars Class Site

North Middle School Patriots Reunion Page

North Scott Junior High School Lancers

Northwest Junior High School Vikings Class Site

Norwalk Warriors Reunion Page

Oakstreet Middle Sch. Bobcats

Oelwein Middle School Huskies

Osage Green Devils Reunion Page

Oskaloosa Junior High School Indians

Otto B Laing Middle School Bulldogs

Parkview Middle Sch. Hawks Reunion Page

Pcm Mustangs

Peet Junior High School Tigers

Pella Middle School Dutchmen Reunion Page

Phillips Little Dodgers

Pleasantville Middle Sch. Trojans

Prairie Junior High School Hawks Reunion Page

Red Oak Middle School Tigers

Regis Lions

River Valley Middle School Wolverines Reunion Page

Riverbend Middle Sch. Cadets

Roosevelt Rough Riders

Roosevelt Middle School Reunion Page

Sergeant Bluff-luton Warriors

South East Junior High School Hawks

South O'brien Junior High Sch. Wolverines Reunion Page

South Tama County Middle School Trojans

Southeast Polk Junior High School Rams

Spencer Tigers Reunion Page

Stilwell Junior High School Tigers

Sudlow Intermediate Sch. Tigers

Taft Alternative Program Frogs Reunion Page

Taft Middle School Tigers

Tilford Vikings

Tri-center Middle School Trojans Reunion Page

Underwood Eagles

Union Middle Sch. Knights

Urbandale Middle School Jay Hawks Reunion Page

Vernon Marion Indians

Washington Junior High School Demons

Washington Middle School Wahawks Reunion Page

Washington Middle Sch. Cougars

Waukee Warriors

Waukon Junior High School Indians Reunion Page

Waverly-shell Rock Junior High School Hawks

West Branch Middle School Bears

West Central Middle Sch. Wildcats Reunion Page

West Hancock Junior High School Eagles

West Raiders

West Middle School Warriors Reunion Page

West Wildcats

West Monona Middle Sch.

West Sioux Middle School Falcons Reunion Page

Williams Intermediate School Hornets

Wilson Junior Jackets

Wood Intermediate School Vikings Reunion Page

Woodrow Wilson Middle Sch. Warriors

Woodside Middle School Eagles

Woodward-granger Hawks Reunion Page

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1/23/14 - "This is a wonderful site! I was able to connect with old friends!" Joyce S., Class of 81
1/19/14 - "Class reunions couldn't have been planned any easier thanks to the reunion planning tools. People think I'm a pro" Shannon W., Class of 94
1/18/14 - "cool site" Sam M., Class of 06
1/14/14 - "So nostalgic! I kept catching myself say "I remember her!", "I remember him!" this is a great place to see what everyone is up to" Alex U., Class of 99
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12/27/13 - "This site really has a lot to offer. From connecting with friends to buying clothes with my old school, it's no wonder why so many people are on this!" Brooke G., Class of 79
12/20/13 - "I'm not tech savvy like many people but this site makes it so easy to go through and get in touch with friends" Beth M., Class of 68
12/17/13 - "I love how this site has a section dedicated to our militants. I never knew so many people from my hometown were in active duty or veterans. Bless them all" Rachel P., Class of 93
12/17/13 - "I just recently noticed there was a lost class ring section here! I had lost my ring a couple years back and thought "Ah what the heck" I posted information about my lost ring and was surprised to get a response from a woman that had found it! Thank you guys so much for your services!" James S., Class of 82
12/11/13 - "I'm so happy I stumbled upon this site! This site has everything you need that is alumni related! You don't need to go to one site for apparel, one site for classmates, and another separate site for school news. It's all here!!!" Christina F., Class of 97
12/09/13 - "What a great idea to keep pages current by having the ability to post on the page for every classmate to see and respond to." Patricia C., Class of 77
"Thanks for doing such a great job!" Chris, class of 1980
"I was able to have my site up and running in no time. Thanks for your prompt attention!" Jessica, class of 1975
"Your site has been a wonderful place for our alumni to reconnect. It is nice to have a site that is easy to navigate but also keeps our privacy in mind." Christina, class of 1997
"Thank you for offering apparel! It was so nice to be able to get a lot of my Holiday shopping done in one place. You have something for everyone and at a great price!" Brenda, class of 1987
"As we are getting ready to plan our 20th reunion, it was so nice to go to your site and have all the tools and features right there for us to use. Thank you for making our planning process so much easier!" Jack, class of 1990
"You are always updating the site with new features and great articles. Thanks for your hard work in making a great site." Sarah, class of 2000
"I just spent over an hour going through all the pictures from past reunions and it was so nice to see everyone, since I wasn't able to make the reunion this time around. Thanks for making me feel like I didn't miss out." Jackie, class of 1965
"It was so fun reading everyone profiles and seeing where life has taken them." John, class of 1972
"I found this site while searching for an old high school friend. With the help of your message board, I was able to reconnect with her after nearly 15 years! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to rekindle a friendship." Michelle, class of 1997
"I ordered a couple of sweatshirts for my husband, and your customer service was excellent. They answered all my questions very quickly." Deborah, class of 1985