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Class of 1997 20th Reunion

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Invited Classes:  1997

Class of 1997 20th Reunion
Venue: Barone's
Date: July 29th, 2017 6:00pm - 10:00pm
RSVP Deadline: July 16th, 2017
Address: 475 St. John St. , Pleasanton , California , 94588
Details: UPDATE - Ticket purchase has been extended until July 16, 2017!!!! Use this link to purchase your tickets!

Hi all! Please use the link above to purchase your ticket to Foothill High Class of 1997's 20th reunion! We're so excited to see everyone. (Here it is again, just in case:

In addition, we're trying to collect email addresses so that we can reach everyone faster. Please send an email to:

RSVP and tickets must be purchased by July 8, 2015.

We are asking for volunteers to help with various things:

1. Memorabilia Booth - Amber Goodell (Jensen) will be sending more details to those interested. But to everyone, please consider sending/scanning in any photos, programs, or other fun memorabilia from those amazing 4 years at FHS. If it meant something to you then it probably meant something to someone else as well, let's see it! If you have something tangible (a Letterman's jacket, participation trophy, attendance award, whatever) that you'd like for us to use please send us those details, we can coordinate, and we promise you'll get it back (Justin McLeod - For sure I see you having something to contribute besides the "when's the reunion?!" notes). Side note: does Brandon Wood still have the Falcon costume - clearly that'd be a welcome addition.

2. Name Tags - Summer Theobald Nead Perhaps you'd love to take this on again ;)?! Or if by some crazy chance you still have those itty bitty pics of our baby selves you can share with the new head of this gig, we'd be much obliged.

3. Slideshow/Video/Pictures - this squad (oh man, is that an age appropriate term for me to use??) can work with the booth people or run their own show. Looking for something simple to run during the event. Again, any/all pics welcome, please start sending to email above. And if you don't contribute anything you can't be mad if you're not represented, just sayin'. (Jigar Mehta if you're possibly interested in picking this back up....we wouldn't be mad about it..*coughs while unsubtly calling people out*)

4. In Memoriam - If you know of anyone from our class that has passed away please let us know.

5. Set Up/Tear Down - Pretty self-explanatory. We don't anticipate there will be a lot to do on either end but mainly helping unload/load/stage reunion specific items. Barone's will obviously take care of the heavy lifting.

6. Music/Playlists - We'll have a DJ but giving him a list (in advance) of the jams that made '93-'97 so memorable to ensure they're played would be great. Major bonus points if you go through past dance themes and add those - HA.

PLEASE RSVP and buy your tickets ASAP! We would like to get a headcount sooner rather than later!

Thanks and we'll see you soon!
Your 20th Reunion Party Planning Crew
Ticket Prices: - $ 97.00

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Amber Jensen '97

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