Planning for Your Class Reunion

Oh those high school days! One of life’s most memorable moments. Now it’s 5, 10, 20 years and so on since then which means it’s time for a class reunion! Were you leading your class? Part of the Student Government? Or possibly the Class President? You were then officially in charge of the class reunion planning such a memorable moment for the future to bring back everyone to re-connect and catch up on life.

Don’t let this task be daunting! Here are some tips to planning a successful and memorable class reunion.

1. Get an early start: There are a lot of things that need to be planned in order to create a successful class reunion. Some class reunion committees start as early as 2 years prior to the event. The average time for planning should start anytime between 12-16 months in advance. It’s very hard to plan a successful class reunion in 6 months. Planning ahead will allow enough time for classmates that need to travel long distances to make it to the event. Some venues and services may also require at least 1 year booking in advance as well. So starting early is crucial!

2. Recruit a reunion committee: Planning for a class reunion is a lot of work and it would be stressful to plan this by yourself. Recruiting classmates to help with this process will make the task less daunting and increase the chances of having a successful class reunion. Having a core group of people will be not only manageable but also should be diverse enough to getting the word out about the details. Don’t be afraid to delegate! The committee is made to make this planning go smoothly. It’s recommended that the committee meet up or conference with each other about once a month to mark off what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.

3. Organize a website: With today’s technology it’s easy to connect with your classmates. By setting up a website will let your classmates know of dates, location as well as who is attending the class reunions. Choose a site and link as many social media platforms to it. Facebook, AlumniClass and Google+ are great sites to get you started. Once a page has been created it should be easier to let everyone know what is going on and where the committee is at with the planning.

4. Create a budget: Establishing a budget is key to having a successful reunion. Listing out items and costing them out will help keep tabs of the amount that is required to make this event happen. Charging per person will help with the costs of the entertainment, food, etc. Keep in mind of price per person. While some may have the job of their dreams and have high salaries, there are others that may not. Keeping the price at a reasonable and affordable rate will sure to attract more classmates. Pre-selling tickets to the event will help gather the funds and give you an even more accurate head count of who will be attending.

5. Setting a date: Planning a date for a class reunion is very important! If there is no date, there simply is no event. Class reunions typically are planned for early summer through fall. Plan for weekend dates where Friday and Saturday are the most popular for classmates. Some classes plan for a multi-day class reunion to give classmates the opportunity to have a chance to catch up with everyone. Multiple days also means planning could be more work but it also allows your classmates to still attend on the day that is most convenient for them. Try not to plan the event on a major holiday. This could lessen the turnout for the class reunion. Try to plan on days when there are local events such as festivals or city celebrations.