Planning for Your Class Reunion Checklist


“I’m in charge of the reunion, where do I begin!?”

This is a common question among a lot of class reunion planners. Fear not! We have created a class reunion checklist as well as a visual infographic to help get your class reunion organized and your alumni to be amazed!

When do I start planning out my reunion? What parts should be accomplished during what time frame?

24-18 Months before:

  • Pick Your Theme – Blast from the past, 80’s, 90’s, etc.
  • Form Your Reunion Committee – Planning things out will be less stressful and more manageable with help!
  • Keep Records of Everything – Log your meetings and ideas.
  • Develop a Budget – How much will it cost? Where can I get the funds? You can start up your own class reunion apparel fundraiser store at SSA Stores. Every purchase made in your store will not only have custom reunion apparel but each order made will get your group 20% cash in your funds to get that DJ.
  • Scout Out Venues for The Event – Outdoor, Indoor

1 Year before:

  • Set the Date – When will this event take place? Share the date with your committee
  • Reserve a Venue – Convention center, School, Church, Park, Party Venue, Amusement Park
  • Pick the Entertainment – Magician, Band, Clown, DJ, Hypnotist
  • Post Event Details on Social to set up your reunion page! Interact with your former classmates. There are multiple tools for event planners to get things started. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are also good ways to let your peers know about the upcoming event.

9-6 Months before:

  • Gather a Mailing List – Start gathering a list of your former classmates and get ready to make invitations so they know the details. Utilize social media to help contact your alumni
  • Schedule the Entertainment and Activities – choose what’s right in your budget and who is available.

5 Months before:

  • Confirm Reservations and Entertainment – Make sure you lock in everything you need so you aren’t missing important parts of your reunion
  • Call a Caterer – If you choose to have a caterer now is the time to get one. Make sure you call in advance, some caterers require more time in advance for reservations
  • Announce the Details on Social Sites, Set Up Local Ads – Make sure to remind your peers about the reunion so they don’t forget!
  • Send Out Your Invitations – Once you have gathered addresses from everyone you can it’s time to send out the invites! For those that you cant get an address try contacting their old friends to help spread the word.

4-2 Months before:

  • Meet the Venue Staff With Your Reunion Committee – Meet with the venue staff to make sure things will go smoothly and get things organized to how you want it. Some venues provide an itinerary to keep things running smooth
  • Find the Decor, Banners, Apparel and Favors – What’s a reunion if you don’t have some decorations to go with!? Start buying your stuff now and start thinking about getting some shirts for your reunion as a take away.
  • Reserve Rental Equipment – Lock in your rental equipment now, this will assure you that you can get that discoball, fog machines, stereos or anything else you may need. It might not be available at last minute.

6 Weeks before:

  • Write A Checklist for Reunion Tasks – The major things are done but other tasks may include tracking down some alumni, details of what goes on and when during the day of the reunion.
  • Recruit Volunteers! – The more help, the better!
  • Assign Tasks and Duties to the Volunteers – Don’t be afraid to delegate. They are volunteering to help get things accomplished after all

2 Weeks before:

  • Purchase Your Last Minute Decorations – This is the last call to get those balloons, banners, etc.
  • Review Your Final Checklist – What else needs to be gathered and accomplished?

1 Day before:

  • Review The Final Details With Your Committee – Is the itinerary on par? How does the budget look still?
  • Solve Your Last Minute Issues That You May Have – Is the DJ sick? You can grab an iPod with a nice mix of appropriate music to improvise.

Reunion Day!

  • Set Up Tables, Rental Equipment – Get an early start with the set up. You never know if you may hit a complicated issue.
  • Decorate Venue – Get your committee and volunteers to help with this. It will make it run so much faster
  • Mingle and Enjoy!

After the Reunion

  • Evaluate the event – What went right? What went wrong?
  • Write Thank You Notes to Everyone Involved – Caterers, Venue Staff, The Entertainment, The volunteers, etc.
  • Relax – It’s over!

Give yourself a big pat on the back! You pulled off an awesome class reunion!


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