Locating Your Classmates

When Should Classmates be Informed

Send invitations to classmates around six to nine months before the event. Classmates may have to consider months of planning to decide if they want to use their vacation time to attend a reunion. It is also important to inform classmates early especially if they have children, so it’s easier for them to arrange for a babysitter if necessary. The most important goal of the reunion is to get as many classmates possible to attend, so allocate enough time for everyone and yourself.

Grab your yearbook or call up the high school to track a list of names of classmates and teachers to search for. Navigating the Internet for classmates is the most resourceful tool in locating the majority of your class. Suggested sites to visit includes peoplefinders.com and infospace.com, which both allow you to search through a nationwide database to help you find anyone, anywhere. Another resourceful site is bigfoot.com, which helps you find e-mail addresses along with telephone numbers of classmates. For a list of other sites that help you locate classmates visit cyndislist.com/finding.htm.

Locating Married Women Classmates

Use what you already know about the female’s age, hometown, middle initials, and their maiden name to then find more documents to retain more information about that classmate. Find the earliest marriage certificate for a woman to help obtain the most recent personal information on their whereabouts. When searching, keep in mind that divorced women continue using their married name being of children and property ownership. It helps to search for the husband’s first name because most married couples purchase property jointly, which also helps you in locating the female classmate. If you know the women’s date of birth you’ll be able to access positive identification of other documents.

Missing Classmates

There are going to be classmates that are harder to contact, and in this case post a list of missing classmates on your class page and other sites in the event someone else knows the location of that person. You could also try contacting family members or friends that most likely know of their whereabouts or send a flier to other classmates requesting any known information of the missing classmate.