How to Connect with Former Classmates

If you’re interested in getting in touch with classmates that you were close to in high school, you can easily find people using social media platforms. These websites give you the ability to find friends that you knew years ago and re-form the bond you had when you were teenagers.

One great place to look for old friends is on Facebook. You can search for people by their name, some people even have included their maiden name to make it easier to find them. There are also groups you can make for different communities you are a part of, like a high school graduating class or a club you participated in while at college.

Another great way to connect is with Alumni Class. You can connect with classmates for free on the website, and also allows you to promote events and news through your school. Even though you’ll be getting in touch with people you likely knew very well in years past, the website is set up to protect your privacy. You can engage in conversation with former classmates without having to worry about having your personal information shared on the Internet.

When you connect with classmates on, you’ll be able to take advantage of many of the features that are available on popular social networks. This means you’ll be able to share photos with those who are in your network and comment on the website’s message boards.

If you need to plan a reunion or just want to go down memory lane with few blasts from the past, consider making a profile at one or both of these websites. You can share thoughts and ideas with people you knew years ago and see how their lives have unfolded. A number of high schools post their reunion announcements and information on these kinds of websites, making it easy for individuals to confirm their attendance.

It’s always fun to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while. Use a social media platform like the ones mentioned previously to make this endeavor a little easier.