Considerations When Hiring a Reunion Company

183888526Hiring a reunion company means that the average ticket price will almost double, compared to the price of tickets if the reunion committee were to organize the entire event. Here are some things that need to be considered before you agree to a contract with a company:


  1. Each member of the reunion committee needs to read over the contract carefully to understand what the reunion company is responsible for and what aspects the committee is responsible for.
  2. You need to consider the size of your class. If you come from a small school, the committee should be able to coordinate the event. Most reunion companies will not contract with a class unless that graduating class is over 200 people. If your graduated class is large, then it would be less stressful contracting with a company.
  3. Before agreeing to hire a reunion company consider which decade your reunion year is taking place. For a ten year reunion, not all classmates are settled in life. They may not have a lot of discretionary income to afford the higher ticket cost, especially since most classmates have younger children to take care of. Remember that the main goal of creating a successful reunion is to provide an event that many classmates can attend.
  4. Keep in mind, before hiring a reunion company, they usually do not like to plan more then one event at the reunion. Having a reunion company planning extra events is more expensive then the committee coordinating the event and classmates are more likely not to attend the reunion because of the ticket price. To add extra events, an inexpensive idea might be to organize a potluck picnic at the park or lake.

During a twenty year reunion most classmates are a little more financially stable and are willing to pay a higher ticket cost to see their old friends. The numbers of attending classmates may start to decrease at the thirtieth class reunion. If this happens, the committee should consider planning a less formal reunion that is not as expensive as the others have been.

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