Class Reunions During the Holidays

We all know that most class reunions are held during the summer time when the weather is nice, people have vacation time to use and the kids are not in school making it easier to take a vacation. According to there are certain months that have a higher number of reunions held than others.

  • July – 23%
  • August – 21%
  • June – 12%
  • October – 12%
  • November – 5%
  • May – 4%

save-the-date-1Even though the summer time is the most popular time to hold class reunion we still see a very small amount of reunions held during the holidays. This can either help your reunion or hurt it. On one hand you know that people will be back in your home town visiting family for the holidays and on the other hand your classmates will
be there wanting to spend time with their families and may not want to attend a class reunion.

One of the best ways to make it so that your classmates will want to attend the reunion is when you are planning it try and shoot for a day after the holiday when things are starting to calm down for families but before everyone heads back home. We also recommend planning and sending out the invitations for reunions held around the holidays at least a year in advance. This way you are giving your classmates an adequate amount of time to plan, therefore you may have a higher turnout.

During the holidays most families are really strapped for cash, so when planning your reunion for this time of year you are going to want to keep the cost as low as possible, especially if you want to have a decent turnout.

happy people in a restaurant!A couple low cost ideas are meeting for bunch the day after the holiday and just having everyone cover their own dishes, meeting at a local bar or restaurant and doing a small gift exchange over cocktails, etc. The holidays can be a stressful time as it is, so when planning a reunion during the holidays keep it simple. You don’t need to go overboard with renting out a building and planning an extravagant meal and games to top it off.

However if the year coming up is a big one, such as your 50th reunion, you may want to re-think the holiday idea and hold something in the summer months when it will be easier for you to go above and beyond and easier for your classmates to attend.

Over all we recommend holiday reunions for smaller gatherings and celebrate the big reunions in the summertime when it’s easier for more people to attend.