5 Class Reunion Statistics

5 Quick Statistics for Class Reunions


  • We took tally of over 1000 planned reunions on our site and found that July is the most popular month for class reunions:
    • July 24%
    • August 22%
    • June 15%
    • September 12%
    • Other 27%
  • When planning and budgeting for a class reunion you can count on 20-30% of your former classmates to attend. Any attendance above 30% is considered a big turnout and is successful.
  • About 60% of your former classmates still live in the same state you graduated in.
  • Plan on most of the attendees to bring a guest to the reunion
  • Most successful class reunions start getting planned 12-18 months in advance. This allows time to locate classmates as well as set up a budget or raise funds.

We have created a detailed time table to plan a successful class reunion!


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