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5 Quick Statistics for Class Reunions We took tally of over 1000 planned reunions on our site and found that July is the most popular month for class reunions: July 24% August 22% June 15% […]

Bullying happens globally to children. There are major types of bullying we see either emotional or physical. There are certain reasons why kids decide to bully on another and the victim is often scared to […]

Choosing Reunion Events

The committee needs to decide when and where events will take place. To generate ideas of the most popular reunion events some committees will e-mail or post questionnaires to ask classmates what events they would […]

Locating Your Classmates

When Should Classmates be Informed Send invitations to classmates around six to nine months before the event. Classmates may have to consider months of planning to decide if they want to use their vacation time […]

Hiring a reunion company means that the average ticket price will almost double, compared to the price of tickets if the reunion committee were to organize the entire event. Here are some things that need […]

“I’m in charge of the reunion, where do I begin!?” This is a common question among a lot of class reunion planners. Fear not! We have created a class reunion checklist as well as a visual […]

All over the internet you will see some etiquette on how to behave at a reunion but there is a topic people tend to forget. “What do I discuss?”. “What questions DON’T I ask?”. The […]

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