As little kids we always go where our parents take us for the holidays and partake in the traditions that they show us. Of course as a child you don’t fully understand the aspect of […]

When you think of Black Friday you probably think about all the great sales that retailers put on to kick off the holiday shopping season right? Yes, that is what we as consumers see every […]

Did You Know?

August is here and that means that school’s are gearing up to bring students back. For some parents and kids this is a very exciting time of year, but for some it can be a […]

5 Quick Statistics for Class Reunions We took tally of over 1000 planned reunions on our site and found that July is the most popular month for class reunions: July 24% August 22% June 15% […]

We live in the age of social media and being in constant contact with each other. There are many social media platforms that cater to all age groups; allowing you to find those friends and classmates you’ve […]

Have You Kept in Touch With Classmates? When you think back to your high school and college days, you may have some fond memories about fabulous times in your life. These are times shared with some of […]

If you’re interested in getting in touch with classmates that you were close to in high school, you can easily find people using social media platforms. These websites give you the ability to find friends that you […]

Bullying happens globally to children. There are major types of bullying we see either emotional or physical. There are certain reasons why kids decide to bully on another and the victim is often scared to […]

AlumniClass allows you to connect to former high school classmates who might have moved away from your hometown. Technology has made it possible to find old friends from over 30 years ago. Reconnect with them […]

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