Alumni Apparel and Merchandise from
Middle Schools in South Dakota:
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Axtell Park Mid. School Store
(Apparel in Sioux Falls)

Beresford Middle Sch.
(Clothing in Beresford)

Brandon Valley Junior High Store
(Gear in Brandon)

Brookings MS
(Merchandise in Brookings)

Crow Creek Middle Sch.
(Apparel in Stephan)

Custer JH
(Clothing in Custer)

Dakota Miners
(Gear in Rapid City)

Doland Miners
(Merchandise in Doland)

Douglas Middle Sch.
(Apparel in Box Elder)

Edison Junior High Store
(Clothing in Sioux Falls)

Elk Point-jefferson MS
(Gear in Elk Point)

Flandreau Middle Sch.
(Merchandise in Flandreau)

Georgia Morse JH
(Apparel in Pierre)

Hill City Rangers
(Clothing in Hill City)

Holgate Mid. School Store
(Gear in Aberdeen)

Hot Springs Middle Sch.
(Merchandise in Hot Springs)

Huron Junior High Store
(Apparel in Huron)

Lead Deadwood MS
(Clothing in Lead)

Lead-deadwood Middle Sch.
(Gear in Lead)

Lyman JH
(Merchandise in Kennebec)

Madison Bulldogs
(Apparel in Madison)

Mccook Central Bulldogs
(Clothing in Salem)

Memorial Middle Sch.
(Gear in Sioux Falls)

Milbank Junior High Store
(Merchandise in Milbank)

Mitchell MS
(Apparel in Mitchell)

Newell Middle Sch.
(Clothing in Newell)

North JH
(Gear in Rapid City)

O'gorman Knights
(Merchandise in Sioux Falls)

Patrick Henry Mid. School Store
(Apparel in Sioux Falls)

Simmons Middle Sch.
(Clothing in Aberdeen)

South Junior High Store
(Gear in Rapid City)

Southwest MS
(Merchandise in Rapid City)

Spearfish Middle Sch.
(Apparel in Spearfish)

Tabor JH
(Clothing in Tabor)

Todd County Wildcats
(Gear in Mission)

Vermillion Wildcats
(Merchandise in Vermillion)

Watertown Middle Sch.
(Apparel in Watertown)

West Junior High Store
(Clothing in Rapid City)

White River MS
(Gear in White River)

Whittier Middle Sch.
(Merchandise in Sioux Falls)

Yankton JH
(Apparel in Yankton)

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